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Flavored Pancake Mixes - 1 lb

Flavored Pancake Mixes - 1 lb

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Imagine waking up to the smell of pancake batter hitting a hot griddle.  Pancakes are the ultimate treat. Not only for breakfast, they are great anytime.  Just imagine the batter slightly cooling the griddle as it is poured on. It appears nothing is happening, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG????  Then a small little bump appears from nowhere, rising to the surface until it opens releasing a little bust of steam. Then another and another are formed until ........ Time to flip it.  You carefully ease your spatula underneath, lift gently being careful not to move to the left or the right.  When at the proper height you rotate your wrist, with a slight bend to the left and skillfully turn the pancake face down on the griddle.  You just body slammed a pancake. Wow, you could have been an Olympic Wrestler.  Next opponent - Butter and Syrup

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